Club Pierre Charron

Whether it's Poker or Casino Games, each player plays in their own way: for fun, for the adrenaline rush or to win. Gambling delivers unique sensations. But sometimes passion becomes excess and gambling gains the upper hand, turning pleasure into pain. But excessive gambling isn't an inevitability! Club Pierre Charron helps you decipher the telltale signs and get help. Developing responsible gambling is what we do!



  1. Gamble for fun, don't try to win money at any cost.
  2. Don't try to recover losses as soon you lose.
  3. Keep a cool head if you win big.
  4. Don't trust your superstitions, accept the laws of chance.
  5. Don't shut yourself away in gambling to forget about your problems.
  6. Stick to your budget and don't borrow to play.
  7. Know your losses and gains and don't lie about them.



There are many forms of addiction and none of them are an inevitability, provided that you're honest with yourself and are aware of your difficulties.

  • Detecting the warning signs of excessive gambling is already a big step:
  • Gambling is increasingly occupying your thoughts.
  • You gamble solely to forget about your problems.
  • Your betting and general gambling expenses are continually rising.
  • You play again to try to win back what you lost.
  • You aren't able to play less despite your efforts to cut down.
  • Your losses result in you borrowing money to continue playing.
  • When you can't play, you become irritable.
  • Your family and work situation is in jeopardy because of gambling.




1. Evaluate your gambling :

Get online tips to get better control of your gambling at:


2. Talk about it :

  • With the Club's employees:

Protecting you, sometimes from yourself, is one of the pillars of Club Pierre Charron's values. Don't hesitate to come and discuss this with someone from management if you feel the need, they're trained in combating addiction and are on hand to support and advise you.

>> In short, all Club employees are able to direct you to the right person to talk to.

  • The national support hotline:

If you feel the need for more confidential support, you can also use the public service "Joueurs Info Service".

- Whether you're directly or indirectly affected by an excessive gambling problem, you'll get:

- Help from professionals trained in the problems caused by excessive gambling
- Non-judgmental and confidential support
- Accurate information and personalized help
- Guidance adapted to your situation

>> Get in touch:

By phone: anonymous and non-premium rate call on 09 74 75 13 13 (8 am to 2 am, 7 days a week)

By chat: anonymously and live on the website (8 am to midnight, 7 days a week)


3. Voluntary gambling ban:

Sometimes you need to take a break. Several options are available:

  • Voluntary limitation of access to the Club:

You choose how long the access restriction lasts in consultation with the Club team (information available in the gaming room or at reception).

  • Request nationwide self-exclusion:

You can request a minimum three-year gaming ban by filling out the online form at


4. Care centers:

The CSAPA is a network of addiction treatment, support and prevention centers.

Find the CSAPA closest to you on the Joueurs Info Service website at


18+ | Gambling involves risks, such as debt and addiction. Call 09 74 75 13 13 (toll-free)