Club Pierre Charron

School for casino professions

Excellence, tradition and a love of the beautiful game are at the heart of Club Pierre Charron's success.

These values have made the Club the reference for poker and traditional games in Paris.

The quality of the gambling offer and the Club's sense of service have forged its reputation in France and abroad.

The Club Pierre Charron has created its School for casino professions to ensure the highest standards of training.

Location : 107 quai du Docteur Dervaux, 92600 Asnières-sur-Seine

dealer training school at asnières sur seine paris

Training for excellence in table games


86% know-how
- 344 hours of technical and practical training

14% soft skills
- 56 hours of personal development

Practical information :
- 400 hours (3 months)
- From Monday to Friday , from 9 am to 5:30 pm
- Training delivered in partnership with Organisme de Formation ACTINUUM certified Qualiopi, ISO9001 and Engagé RSE Confirmé, Training organization number: 11 91 06500 91.
- 100% financing of training for jobseekers + maintenance of ARE during the 3 months of training according to your rights.


Club Pierre Charron's dealer training



Training dates: from the 24th of June to the 13th of September 2024 (3 months)

Club Pierre Charron's dealer training



- Information meeting & interviews: wednesday, July 3, 2024
- Training dates: from the 22th of July to the 10th of October 2024 (3 months)


Our students testify

stephane, dealer student recruited for the club pierre charron

Stéphane, Group 6

"Once you reach a certain age, you have fewer and fewer opportunities for growth, whereas the croupier profession offers great opportunities."

jad dealer recruited for the club pierre charron

Jad, Group 4

"You learn so much during the training and internship at the Club, that there's never a dull moment."

a dealer student now recruited for the club pierre charron

Carmela, Group 6

"I didn't know that dealer was a job, and now, I see myself evolving and do my career as a dealer"

adam dealer student now recruited at the club pierre charron

Adam, Group 4

"The internship at Club Pierre Charron was a trigger: I knew I wanted to work in this sector, I was reassured that I wanted to be a dealer."

yanis, now recruited at the club pierre charron

Yanis, Group 6

"Within the training, and even within the Club, there's real support and a lot of mutual help, everyone's really close-knit."

layana, recruited and evolving inside the club

Layana, Group 4

"It's still the same job, but it's different all the time: the chefs, the players, the hands, the games or the ambiance. There's a real atmosphere."

adam, recruited for the club pierre charron

Adam, Promo 6

"During the internship, you realize just how important the advice given and the " soft skills " part of the training are. Especially at night, when activity is at its peak, they really come into their own!"

recruitment stages


  1. Your application :

Send your CV in response to the training offer.

The offer is posted on the Club Pierre Charron, France Travail (former Pôle Emploi) and Indeed websites :

  1. Your registration for the information meeting :

Our Recruitment Manager will call you for a quick chat, before registering you for the information meeting.

  1. Information meeting :

This compulsory meeting will last one morning and will take place at the Club Pierre Charron. If you're still interested after this meeting, you'll have a quick 15-minute interview with a member of the training or games team.

  1. You are selected for training !

Our Recruitment Manager will call you within 24 hours to confirm whether or not you have been selected for the course.

  1. The administrative file :

You'll need to provide us with the administrative documents we need to compile your application for gaming approval.

  1. The training begins !

It will last 3 months (400 hours).

  1. Your permanent contract at Club Pierre Charron:

If you successfully complete the training program, you'll be able to join Club Pierre Charron on a permanent basis as a junior croupier.



your contact :

Human ressources manager

+33 (7) 84 60 34 48

(available by phone or whatsapp)


Personal licence for gambling clubs


Profile requirements : 

Come as you are, and we'll teach you the whole profession!

To be employed in the games, you'll need to :

  • Be of legal age (+18 years and 1 day)
  • Have a clean criminal record (form B3)
  • Be of European Union nationality
  • Be registered on the European electoral rolls
  • Be registered with France Travaille (ex-Pôle Emploi)


Personal licence for gambling clubs  :

The above conditions are essential to obtain your gambling clubs license.

On your behalf, we apply to the gaming regulator for approval.

Gambling club approval is :

  • Personal and nominative, it will follow you throughout your career in gambling clubs.
  • Essential for employment in French gambling clubs.