Club Pierre Charron

The world's largest, richest and most prestigious gaming event, involving millions of dollars as well as the prestigious gold bracelet, recognized worldwide as the most important sports award. With a full lineup of tournaments in all major poker variants, the WSOP has been the longest-running poker tournament in the world since 1970.


The World Poker Championships. Every year, in Las Vegas, the World Series of Poker takes place. It is the major poker event of the year, with more than 70 tournaments scheduled over two and a half months, between late May and mid-July! All poker enthusiasts dream of winning one of the famous bracelets, a sign of your victory that will remain engraved for eternity, and the Holy Grail: the Main Event, which will award you the title of world champion!

A WSOP circuit has developed in its later years. Initially reserved for American casinos, the WSOP-C has been exported to every continent in the world. The legend will return to Paris, to Club Pierre Charron, for the next three editions, 2021 being the first, which will undoubtedly mark the history of French Poker.


WSOP-C Paris

Presentation of WSOP Paris


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