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25/02/2022 | Animations

By Club Pierre Charron

Launched for the first time in Paris at Club Pierre Charron in mid-December, Progressive at Ultimate Poker tables has been a hit with CPC customers, with more than €500,000 already paid out, including over €370,000 from Royal Flush jackpots. A unique bonus with exceptional winning multipliers.


Up to 20,000 times his stake, a record unmatched in Paris.

By winning a €104,762 jackpot on January 14th, one member multiplied his €5 bonus bet by 20,952 with his Royal Flush – something never before seen in Paris! With this optional wager you can hit the famous jackpot with the ultimate poker combination or a host of other fixed payout bonuses ranging from €50 for a Full House to €5,000 for a Community Royal Flush.


A unique gaming experience...

Loaded with adrenaline and with hands going by at high speed, UTH (the nickname of Ultimate Texas Hold'em) is the top game in Paris right now, even more so since the arrival of the Progressive Jackpot. The winnings are much higher and the atmosphere around the jackpot tables is indescribable. Each opportunity of a Royal Flush elevates customers to a new dimension of excitement and suspense.


Key figures:

Total amount of money won through jackpots since Progressive UTH was unveiled at Club Pierre Charron: €373,162

10 jackpots ranging from €11,698 to €104,762:

1 – €11,698 on 12/16

2 – €41,247 on 12/28

3 – €12,667 on 12/29

4 – €104,762 on 01/14

5 – €49,522 on 01/21

6 – €66,287 on 02/03

7 – €13,724 on 02/03

8 – €24,534 on 02/08

9 – €47,664 on 02/16

10 – €13,109 on 02/17

In addition, just over €130,000 in fixed payouts went to players who landed a Full House (€50), Four of a Kind (€500), Straight Flush (€1,500) or Community Royal Flush (€5,000).


How does it work?

It's simple. UTH offers an optional bet of exactly €5 on the Progressive slot before the cards are received. This €5 then goes into the current jackpot, the reserve for the next jackpot and finally to the fixed payments.


A little story...

A regular customer of the club who used to come to play UTH and who routinely bet on the Progressive bonus had quite a bad beat... With the jackpot over €100,000, she decided to stop betting the €5 in the Progressive slot for an hour and unluckily for her (if you can call it that), she hit a Royal Flush, which meant she won 500 times her bet, 50 times the bonus but unfortunately not the €100,000 Progressive jackpot. It was enough to make her regret not putting in the €5 she used to invest.


There aren't just bad beat stories…

A dealer from another Parisian gaming club came to play UTH one evening. With Progressive having just arrived in Paris, she decided to try her luck. After a few moves she was lucky enough to hit a Royal Flush. She won a staggering €41,247 and did something she'd always dreamed of doing: giving a huge tip to one of her colleagues in the business.


A question of envy.

What makes the Progressive bonus different is that when a Royal Flush lands on a table, all players who bet on the dedicated slot win the €500 guarantee: something to delight (or console) those who bet on the Progressive but didn't land the ultimate poker combination.


A new trend.

Since Progressive arrived at Club Pierre Charron, other operators on the market have been quick to follow suit by including the bonus on their tables. Today it's almost become the norm in Paris, and CPC is proud to have been the first Parisian gaming club to believe in it.


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