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29/03/2024 | Animations

By Club Pierre Charron

Why did you come up with this variant of the Punto Banco, called the "Big 6" ?


At the traditional Punto Banco, winning Punto bets are always paid 1:1 and winning Banco bets are always paid 19:20 (i.e. a 5% deduction).


As the croupier had to manually deduct 5% from each Banco bet, payouts could take several minutes and the risk of error was increased. This prompted casino operators to come up with a new way of exploiting the game.


The result is Punto Banco Big 6! In this variant, the deduction is no longer made every time Banco wins, but every time Banco wins with a score of 6 (hence the name of the variant). Since this deduction occurs less often, it is increased to 50% of the stake.


The aim of this change is to make the game more dynamic, with less downtime between draws and less 'loose change' for players.


This variant has now replaced the traditional Punto Banco in the hearts of players, which is why you'll only find Big 6 tables at Club Pierre Charron.




Voiturier ouvrant la portière


Valet parking,
cloakroom, Wi-Fi,
sports broadcasts
on giant screens… Everything that will
make your visit
more enjoyable.

Rue Pierre Charron


62 rue Pierre Charron
75008 Paris

Located just a
stone’s throw from the Champs-Élysées,
the club is surrounded by subways, bus lines,
and parking lots.

Valet parking is also available.

Accueil Club Pierre Charron


Free entry for
guests over 18 years of age
on presentation of the club membership card
or an ID.

Simple, proper attire required.

Salon privé au Club Pierre Charron


Our three lounges are reserved for
High Stakes players:
to play without limits
and in complete privacy.

Contact us on WhatsApp at
+33 6 56 78 37 13

Le fumoir du Club Pierre Charron


Discover our cigar section, comfortably installed in our spacious smoking lounge-library.