Club Pierre Charron

12/01/2024 | Cash Game, Animations

By Club Pierre Charron

At Club Pierre Charron, you'll primarily find card games, a practice with deep roots in human history.

According to historians, the very first playing cards are believed to have been crafted in China during the 13th century. The oldest known cards date back to around 1400 in the Xinjiang province. Card games are considered an extension of dominoes, which precedes them. Subsequently, these games spread through the Silk Road, reaching Persia and the Muslim world.

While some claim that Marco Polo himself introduced playing cards to Europe, it's more likely that contact in the Mediterranean with the Mamluks, who dominated the Arab-Muslim world in the 14th century, facilitated the transmission of this trend to Europeans. Card games thus spread in Europe from Northern Italy, where the Tarot game appeared around 1430.

" It is this universal spirit, this human conviviality around card games, that inspires us and that we celebrate every day of the year at Club Pierre Charron. " 

The origin of the word "card" comes from the fact that in 15th-century France, wood engraving and printing on paper were practiced. The printed paper was reinforced with multiple layers, giving it a cardboard-like appearance, hence the term "card."

Today, cards are made of plastic, preventing swelling and ensuring smooth play on the table. In France, the production of playing cards is regulated, and state-approved suppliers manufacture them, featuring the effigy of Marianne on each card found in gaming establishments. This is an excellent way to guarantee the integrity of the games and allow players to bet with confidence.


Voiturier ouvrant la portière


Valet parking,
cloakroom, Wi-Fi,
sports broadcasts
on giant screens… Everything that will
make your visit
more enjoyable.

Rue Pierre Charron


62 rue Pierre Charron
75008 Paris

Located just a
stone’s throw from the Champs-Élysées,
the club is surrounded by subways, bus lines,
and parking lots.

Valet parking is also available.

Accueil Club Pierre Charron


Free entry for
guests over 18 years of age
on presentation of the club membership card
or an ID.

Simple, proper attire required.

Salon privé au Club Pierre Charron


Our three lounges are reserved for
High Stakes players:
to play without limits
and in complete privacy.

Contact us on WhatsApp at
+33 6 56 78 37 13

Le fumoir du Club Pierre Charron


Discover our cigar section, comfortably installed in our spacious smoking lounge-library.