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The objective is to total 21 points or at least to come as close as possible without exceeding it: going over means you've lost. Whatever your total (21 or under), you must beat the croupier's score!

The cards are worth their face value, with the exception of the face cards (Jack, Queen, King) which are worth 10 points. The Ace is worth 1 or 11, as desired.


2.a How BLACKJACK works

The number of seated players, the only ones likely to have a hand, corresponds to the number of locations marked on the mat.

It is a maximum of seven. If seats are not occupied, seated players can bet on the vacant spots.

Standing players can bet on the hand of a seated player if the latter agrees, and within the limits of the maximum bet authorized for the hand. They cannot, however, give a player instructions or advice, they must simply respect the player’s choices.

The players’ bets, represented only by chips or plaques, are placed, within the limits of the minimum and the maximum, before the cards are dealt.

When all the bets have been placed, the croupier deals a card for each player and themself, starting on their left and ending with themself. At the end of this round, the croupier deals a second card to each player.

2. Surrender

At the end of this round, if the croupier does not have an Ace, the player can surrender and thus recover half of their initial bet.

The croupier then offers additional cards to each player. The croupier deals the additional cards one by one until:

- The player is satisfied with their score, then the croupier goes to the next box.

- The player's hand obtains a score greater than 21, in which case the croupier picks up the losing bet.

- It is forbidden for any player to draw a new card at 21.

3. Double down

A player with their first two cards can double their “21” bet. They can then draw just one additional card.

4. Splitting hands

A player can split their hand if their first two cards are of the same value. They place a “21” bet equal to their initial “21” bet. The player then has two hands and two bets.

The player stands, draws, and plays in simple playing conditions starting by playing the hand furthest to their right before moving on to the next. The number of splits for a single player is limited to three.

If the player splits a pair of Aces, they can only draw one additional card for each Ace.

If the player separates a pair of Aces or a pair of cards each worth 10 points and they total 21 points after drawing a card, they will not be able to benefit from the bonus provided for in article 15 attributed to the player who has achieved a score of 21 points with two cards in one hand.

5. Croupier's hand

When dealing of the players’ cards is finished and all players have determined the status of their hands, the croupier draws one or more cards for themself.

If the croupier reaches 17 points or more, they stop.

If they have 16 points or less, they are required to draw more cards until their total points reach 17 or more.


Progressive BLAZING 7’s 


Blazing 7's Progressive is a jackpot linked to the game "Blackjack". To be eligible, you must wager an additional, non-compulsory €5 (fixed, non-cumulative amount) before receiving your cards on the corresponding square. The other rules of "Blackjack" apply according to the regulations of the Gaming Clubs.

Thanks to this bonus wager, players will be able to win the jackpot accumulated by the total of bonus wagers from all Blackjack tables in operation at Club Pierre Charron.

To win the jackpot or one of the following bonuses, you must obtain one of the following combinations after playing the bonus bet:


Pay out


three identical 7s**

100% of the main jackpot

500 €

three 7 of the same color **

100%  of the secondary jackpot

125 €

three 7**

 €1 250


two 7*



one 7*



The initial bet will not be returned.
** : on the first 3 cards received only
* : on the first 2 cards received only




Players who bet on the “Blazing 7’s Progressive” also play for the “Envy” bonus in the table above. If one of the players at the table wins one of the Jackpots linked to the “Three 7s of the same color” and “Three identical 7s” hands, all the other players at the table who have also bet on the “Blazing 7’s Progressive” will receive the“Envy” bonus (except the winner of one of these two Jackpots). No player may win the Envy Bonus in addition to a Jackpot.


No player may win the Envy Bonus on the dealer’s hand.



Voiturier ouvrant la portière


Valet parking,
cloakroom, Wi-Fi,
sports broadcasts
on giant screens… Everything that will
make your visit
more enjoyable.

Rue Pierre Charron


62 rue Pierre Charron
75008 Paris

Located just a
stone’s throw from the Champs-Élysées,
the club is surrounded by subways, bus lines,
and parking lots.

Valet parking is also available.

Accueil Club Pierre Charron


Free entry for
guests over 18 years of age
on presentation of the club membership card
or an ID.

Simple, proper attire required.

Salon privé au Club Pierre Charron


Our three lounges are reserved for
High Stakes players:
to play without limits
and in complete privacy.

Contact us on WhatsApp at
+33 6 56 78 37 13

Le fumoir du Club Pierre Charron


Discover our cigar section, comfortably installed in our spacious smoking lounge-library.


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